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Single Phase Electric Motor 3HP (Y2-100L-4) 1450 rpm
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This Single Phase electric motor has a lot of advantages including: high efficiency, large starting rotor torque, excellent performance, low nose, low vibration, high reliability, convenient operation and maintenance, and the mounting dimension that meets the IEC standard, and so on.

This electric motor is fit for the common sites that contain no inflammable, explosive or corrosive gas and machineries that has no special requirements including: metal cutting machine, water pump, fan, transportation machinery, puddle mixer, agricultural machinery, foodstuff machinery, etc.



  • Model:Y2-100L-4
  • 12.3 amps
  • Rated Output: 3HP
  • At full load speed 1450 rpm
  • 40F ( 450V)
  • 240 volts
  • 50 Hz  
  • Class B
  • Shaft with keyway
  • This unit comes with a 240volt Australian Standard Plug attached.


  • Height of Motor: 230mm
  • Length of Motor including shaft: 340mm
  • Shaft diameter: 24mm
  • Shaft length: 50mm
  • Hole feet dimensions (hole to hole):
    • 125mm (length)
    • 140mm (width)

Please Note:

  • Please measure the shaft size before ordering your pulley as shaft size might vary due to manufacturing
  • Warrantee is void on these motors if the wires are changed for making the motor run the opposite direction or if the electric cord is cut or shortened
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