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ORBITAL SANDER 400x70 (4.8MM) (SLP41A)
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Speed: 4,000 - 10,000 rpm
Orbit Size: 4.8mm
Size(LxH): 460mm x 145mm
Pad Size: 400 x 70mm
Weight: 2.4KG
Max Air Consumption: 400 l/m
Sales Feature/Benefits
Aggressive long base orbital sander designed for use on broad flat areas. The diameter of the orbit and the special shape of the pad allow fast removal of material with a good surface finish and excellent flattening off. The connection for external dust extraction systems is equipped with a flow regulation valve for controlling the suction effect which improves the user control of the tool. Equipped with variable speed control that does not reduce torque. Well balanced tool with precious construction produces limited vibration which reduces user fatigue.
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