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200W Submersible Clean Water Pump (WP001)
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We also carry larger pumps: 400w, 550w Stainless Steel, 750w & 900w in our Store.



  • Rated Power -- 200w
  • Max. Delivery Capacity  -- 4,200 ltr per hr
  • Max Pressure -- 0.55 Bar
  • Max Head* -- 5.5 mtrs
  • Max Submersion depth: 5m
  • Size of the pump : hight 9 inches and the base is 6 inches round
  • Flat Submersion Height Approx: 5mm
  • Cintaminated water with particle size of max: 5mm
  • Min water level for operation: 7cm
  • Max. media temperature: 35C
  • Cut-in height: 53cm
  • Cut-out height: 5cm
    (Please note: The cut-in and cut-out height vary.  The indicated values are average values and are not valid when the floats switch is not fixed to the float switch lock)

* Max head is the maximum height the pump can pump vertically. If you need to pump higher than that, we recommend that you purchase a bigger pump.


  • Fitting for hose connection.
  • Fitting for direct pipe connection.
  • Float switch turns on and off automatically.
  • 240 volt conenction.
  • Long 10m power cord.
  • Hard durable plastic body.
  • This pump is fully submersible (waterproof sealed) to a depth of 5m.

This submersible pump has been designed for private use around the house and garden.  This submersible pump is predominately used for draining after flooding, transfer of liquids, draining containers, taking water from wells and shafts, draining boats and yachts as well as for water aeration and circulation for limited period of time.


This pump is fully submersible (waterproof sealed) and can be submerged down to a depth of 5m into liquid.


Liquids which can be handled by the submersible pump are the following clean or slightly contaminated water (max. particle size 5mm), swimming pool water (prerequisite is the recommended dosage of additives) and soapy water.


Corrosive, easily combustible or explosive substances (e.g. gasoline, petroleum, nitro thinner), fats, oils, salt and waste water of toilets and urinals must not be pumped.


The temperature of the liquid handled should not exceed 35 degrees Celsius


This pump is not designed for continuous operation (e.g. continuous circulating operation); the pumps life will be shortened correspondingly by such operation.

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